Treatment of Flat Feet

If you have no pain, the podiatrist will likely not do anything about the fact that you have flat feet. If you are in pain, the podiatrist may recommend arch supports you can buy at the pharmacy or will make use of custom made arch supports. They won’t correct the problem but they can often lessen the pain. You may have flat feet because your Achilles tendon is too short. Exercises can be recommended to lengthen the Achilles tendon.

The podiatrist may recommend that you wear a more supportive shoe. You will not be able to wear flip-flops or flat sandals without some kind of pain. If you are a runner who has suffered from flat feet due to repetitive pounding on the pavement, the podiatrist can take a video of you running to make suggestions that will help improve your running technique so the pain will be lessened. Surgery is not usually necessary to repair flat feet.