Oatmeal - good for the body

Last March, when I went in for my annual checkup, my cholesterol was high. Really high. It was about 290. And even though my HDL was very high (a good thing), it was not high enough to make up for the very high LDL.

The doctor wanted me to take zocor for it, but after reading all the warnings for the stuff, I thought I'd try eating oatmeal every day instead.

So I did. In fact, I now love the stuff - and I grew up hating it.

I went in for blood tests and followup stuff earlier this month. The doctor assumed my cholesterol would still be high, so he gave me a prescription for zocor. Rather than argue with him, I just didn't say anything.

I just looked at the results of my lipid tests and found that my cholesterol is down - way down - to 195. And my HDL is 69 (which is really, really good) and my triglycerides are normal, and my risk of cardiovascular disease from high cholesterol is now - low.

And the only thing I changed was eating oatmeal for breakfast. It doesn't seem to matter if it is instant or steel-cut or semi-instant - it worked.

So, my friends, develop a taste for Oatmeal. You will be healthier for it.