But it was when I was only ten that my mother first had a “nervous breakdown”. She had gone on a plane to visit her sister, my aunt, for a weekend in Pittsburgh. But she had become upset in midflight. The plane made an emergency landing in Philadelphia. My uncle, a doctor, drove from Pittsburgh to Philly to bring my mother back to his and my aunt’s house. And there Mom stayed for six weeks, while my Dad had the responsibility of minding us and the store. Needless to say, pressures were greater than ever on Dad, and we missed our Mom. We had no one to really care for us at home. My eldest sister turned thirteen and had to take some leadership over the younger five . She was bossy and I resented her. I was too young to understand what was going on with this poor girl, who was just entering puberty, with no one to explain things to her. She had her Bat Mitzvah without our mother.

When Mom returned, things got better. But again, when I was fourteen, Mom had an episode. She was hospitalized for a month or more. We again had to do the best we could without her. My Dad was away from home all day, too, because now we no longer lived next to his store, but several towns away. After Mom recovered from this episode, she gained in strength and never relapsed. She became much stronger and more self-confident later in life. She blessed others and her community by many good works and she was beloved by everyone who knew her. Unfortunately, I left home only three years later, so my character was more influenced by the Mom who was sick than the Mom who was well.

When I was twelve, I knew parts of the Bible very well. One night, something miraculous happened. I was sleeping in my bed when, suddenly, I was awakened by a voice, calling “Rachel, Rachel”. I immediately thought of Samuel, the boy in the Bible, who was called by God: “Samuel, Samuel”. He later became a prophet, but he was only a boy about my age when he was called. I saw a figure in the dark, someone next to my bed. Reaching to turn on the lamp, I was excited and not afraid. But, alas, when the light went on, the figure disappeared. Yet, I always believed that the voice was God calling me to serve him in some way.

This has become even more ridicuous than the cartoon outcry

Just like spoiled one, the uneducated and extremely ignorant of the world are throwing multiple tantrums over a speech that Good Pope Benedict made.

This is ridiculous. They are denying their own history when they pretend that was not spread by the sword. That was what the Crusades were all about - recovering the lands and the people who had been taken over by the they.

They are even threatening war. (As if they had not already started one!)

And the MSM is responsible for much of this. Some reporter, somewhere, pinpointed just a few words from a lengthy, scholarly speech and published only them as if they were the words of Pope Benedict. The freaking media needs uproar to be happy, and this time, they caused it.

And it took until Friday for the 'outrage' to come out because they didn't know about the speech until they went to their mosques to pray.

So there is all this Arab anger. And their 'religious' leaders encourage it so the people will forget about their miserable lives. they are brought together by hatred of the non- ic world.

And the thing is this - they are pissed off because the Pope intimated that violence to force people to convert to a religion is unreasonable, and that religion must be reasonable because we have a reasonable God.

We do not believe that God is capricious. He is reasonable.

They cannot prove that is not violent by being violent. Yet, this is what they threaten - violence.

Why are they not speaking up? Why are they not apologizing for the behaviour of the so-called Arab Street?

Why, when some incredible act occurs in their name do they only worry about a backlash against they? Why do they not condemn and apologize for the actions of their brothers?

Are they so afraid of the extremists that they cannot speak themselves? Or do they silently agree with the extremists? Are they secretly thrilled everytime a Jewish or Christian head is severed by the ic terrorists?

And you know, it won't matter what the Pope does or says. They just want an excuse to riot and demonstrate their absolute hatred for us.